One last fool’s errand.

In my final fleeting moments in Paris, Tara and I took the opportunity to introduce the last charrette for the semester: to propose new kiosk for the Bouquiniste along the Seine River.  These historic lockboxes have acted as bookshelves for the city since the 16th century.   Along with following the cities size and location requirements, the students were asked a series of questions:

How do you plan to attach to, and not disturb, the concrete wall?

How might a series of kiosks attach together?

What use can they have when they are closed?

What additional program can the module include to enhance street traffic?

Having already developed a series of site section drawings of the Seine River which focused on the concrete spine, the students used the remainder of the day to document the variations of Bouquiniste cabinets currently installed along the river.

For my last day of in-person class, we walked through the final exhibit boards requirements and the process of submitting their work.  Quick thumbnail sketches of the boards helped identify the progress that had been made throughout the semester. 

That afternoon, we ventured out for one last fool’s errand and headed east to visit the concrete work at the Notre Dame de Rainsy.  

With the elective courses winding down, Wednesday and Thursday were spent in the classroom drawing, drawing, drawing….