Are there even turkeys here?

With Thanksgiving crowding the end of the 12th week, we focused Monday and Tuesday on the final assignments for our two electives.  In the classroom Monday morning, Tara walked through the complexity of Maison de Verre’s circulation and lighting systems.  As a possible final case study for one of the elective courses, the students practiced presenting these ideas by pairing a façade detail and a Spatial Axonometric drawing of the residence.  Working through lunch, we headed to a site visit–well, one really long site visit. For the second elective, the students surveyed a series of cross-sections of the Seine River.  By setting the concrete guardrail as a spine for the drawing series, the students were able to document the variation of street and river edge conditions. 


Tuesday, we returned to the classroom to thumbnail out various approaches to presenting a series of site sections.  With each student selecting a series that interested them, they headed back to the site to double-check their dimensions.