Towards a New Shiny Corporate Paris

With the Arenes de Lutece Charrette due Monday at 5 pm, we needed a day outside exploring the Historic Axis of Paris.  Instead of beginning in a familiar setting, the Louvre’s east end of the Axis, we met as a class just outside of Paris at the Arche de la Defence.  This allowed for a culture shock exiting the RER in the plaza of la Defense corporate park.  Standing on the steps of the Grand Arch, we discussed the irreverence of the building’s slight turn towards the south along with the overall atmosphere that is constructed when every building seems to be screaming for your attention.  

From the west end, we walked towards the Louvre stopping at the arch de la Triumph and the obelisk at the palace Concord.  Unlike the previous site section drawings where a public space was created by a collection of buildings (La Rambla, Piazza San Marco, at Abbesses, and arenes de Lutece), the site section drawings along the Historic Axis highlighted the dominance of an object in a field.

The following morning was spent back in the studio exploring how to most effectively communicate the Historic Axis through the composition of site section drawings.  Various arrangments with 2d and axonometric studies to layer additional information in the drawing while maintaining the focus of the axis.

After a short lunch, we ventured to the Le Corbusier Foundation.  Located at Corbusier’s 1925 Maison le Roche, we had hours to wander photograph, and draw the residence.  In addition to functioning as the foundation headquarters, the structure maintains its original intent; a home gallery for an art enthusiast.  Each space within the residence held paintings, photographs, and precariously positions sculptures.

The week ended with one on one reviews of the arenes de Lutece Charrette.