A Normal Week?

Monday was lost to a work session as the Lessons Learned charrette was due at 5:30 pm. In response, we dedicated all of Tuesday to our Scale and Assembly elective.  The three rooms we have access to at the CEA offices, allowed us to discuss the nuances of volume (length, width, and height), along with window and door placement, ceiling height, and surface materials affecting the experience of each space.  During class, students documented each room through scaled Axonometric drawings and using various phone apps were asked to note light and decibel levels for two locations in each space.  Four of these quick Spatial Axons, are due each week and will grow into a catalog of spatial experiences for the student to reference.

Wednesday we met at the Louis Vuitton Foundation by Frank Gehry.  A private tour before the museum opened, allowed us the opportunity to photograph the dynamic space with just us inside.

In addition, once our tour ended and the museum opened, we were able to tour their playful “mashup” exhibit of Claude Monet and Joan Mitchell.  

All-day Thursday was spent documenting the wonderful Abesses’s metro station in the Montmartre area of Paris.  The depth of the metro, the topography, and the adjacent Square Jehan Rictus added to the complexity of the students’ expressive site section.