catacombs one skull

Churchapalooza ’22
And other Calf exercises.

big church
photo by palagi

The second week began with a tour of 30 churches throughout Paris. Following the path of previous years, we visited them in the Chronological order of their construction. This demanded a lot of crisscrossing, totaling over 30k steps between Monday and Tuesday. In small groups, the students spent the weekend preparing their portion of the tour. Each group was asked to create a map of the churches they were responsible for, lead their classmates, and present a short history of each as we arrived. 10-15 min was also given at each location for a quick sketch.

The tour ended Tuesday afternoon with a breathtaking view of Paris on the steps of Sacré-Coeur.

Folding the Drawing exercises in from the previous week, Wednesday, students were challenged by their first design Charrette. Given only 6 hrs to complete, the students were asked to develop a quick proposal for Shaded Seating to be integrated into the Sacré-Coeur steps.

With Tara in Paris, Thursday was spent underground. Over a hundred steps down in the Paris Catacombs, our subterranean route outlined a history of Paris through the excavations, exhumations, burials, and a very macabre musical event.