WK 01

everyone on the steps

Draw this, Draw that, Draw it again…

Coursework for LSU School of Architecture’s semester abroad in Paris began with three mostly sunny days visiting the Collège des Bernardins. The restoration (led by architect Hervé Baptiste) and addition (by architect Jean-Michel Wilmottehis) to this 13th-century structure, provided the perfect inspiration for a series of drawing tutorials.

Each day began with a discussion on “seeing” through specific scales and drawing types then proceeded to afternoon site visits.  Monday, a series of vignettes focused the discussion on developing narratives, Tuesday, a detail in Axonometric highlighted material and assembly, and Wednesday, a site-section folded ideas of public-private, figure-ground, and challenging the ground plane.  These introductory exercises helped refresh and reinforced drawing fundamentals like scale and proportion, line weights, and composition.

We switched gears Thursday, as students met in groups to prepare a tour that THEY themselves would be leading on Monday and Tuesday. More to come on that next week…

photo by palagi, work by 4th and 5th-year students