Weekend Explorations

An exterior view of the intricately designed Grand Place.

Last weekend was a ‘Green’ weekend, which means students are able to explore cities outside of Paris. For their first adventure some students chose to visit the interesting city of Brussels. While some students chose to attend a Paris-St. Germain soccer game in Parc de Princes here in Paris.


An exterior view of the intricately designed Grand Place.Students were able to visit the Grand Place.



People taking a selfie as they walk down the sidewalk. Members of the Paris Studio excited about exploring Brussels.



Many people gather in the large space known as Halles Saint-Géry - Agora Bruxelloise.Halles Saint-Géry – Agora Bruxelloise



2 people posing while eating food.Students enjoying their weekend in Brussels.



An exterior view of the Grand Place and the contrast of color between buildings. Grand Place



A crowded Paris Saint-Germain Soccer stadium.Students who stayed in Paris attended a Paris-St.Germain vs. St. Etienne soccer game.