Villa Savoye

Last week, during the Béton Brut course,  the entire class went to visit Villa Savoye; designed by master architect Le Corbusier. 

The class before the excursion, the students learned about the specifics of the building, and now they were able to experience what they learned firsthand. This building was a wonderful experience for the students. 

Students in the Béton Brut seminar class were able to spend 2 to 3 hours on-site sketching and analyzing materials while taking in a structure which was much groundbreaking!

The students pick their spot as they start on an observation assignment given by their professor.

Students take a moment to sketch the five points of the architecture described through this building.

Service stairs with access from the cellar to the rooftop patio.

Skylight from the roof of the restroom.

Roof garden at the top.

A picturesque view from the exterior of Villa Savoye.

Students explored the five points of new architecture from this Active Learning Field Excursion.