Sometimes the students stay in the classroom to study history, but this day the students left the classroom and ventured out to one of the most iconic buildings in the architecture world, Villa Savoye. The students have learned about this building through hearing different stories and reading about it. On this day, the students were able to explore, document, and experience all that is Villa Savoye.


A group of people sitting down sketching and looking at the building from outside of it.

The students sit on a bench outside of the Villa Savoye to sketch the five points of architecture that the building exudes.


A group of people posing in front of a building.

While the site was relatively empty, the students took the opportunity to take a group picture in front of the Villa Savoye.


A person standing and posing in front of a building.

One of the students takes the opportunity to take a picture with the famous Villa Savoye.


Concrete rooftop with ramp and vegetation in planters.

As one of the five points of architecture, the rooftop garden was incorporated into the design of the building.


A ramp with a person taking a picture at the top of it.

The students take as many pictures as possible to make sure they remember this wonderful experience at the famous Villa Savoye.

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