Group of people walking toward a concrete pavilion in front of a glass building.

During the Beton Brut course, the students research different structures that are comprised of concrete. This day, the students ventured outside of the classroom and visited the United Nations Educational, Scientific,  and Cultural Organization, or better known as UNESCO. The variety of patterns, shapes, and the different variations of concrete used in this building are a fantastic way for the students to better their understanding of concrete and its uses.


Group of people walking toward a concrete pavilion in front of a glass building.

The students venture back into the main building of UNESCO. They pass underneath this very uniquely shaped concrete pavilion.


A group of people looking at a model inside a glass case.

The class had the great privilege of being led by a tour guide throughout the facility. Here they are looking at a model of the entire facility.


A big space with chairs and a stage. There are people in the space.

The students take a moment to take in  the experience of the spacious, purple-lit room. This area served as a meeting room for UNESCO.


A uniquely designed concrete ceiling.

Within the meeting room, the class had the opportunity to look at the amazingly designed ceiling that was made out of concrete.


A big space with chairs, tables, and windows. There are people in the space.

Another stop on the tour of the facility entailed going to one of the older meeting rooms. The contrast between the two meeting rooms is very apparent.


A corner of a building with windows and balconies with a concrete wall in the foreground.

The way the concrete is used throughout the facility is amazing. It really shows the students the multitude of uses for the material.


People are standing in a circular concrete space.

While taking a tour, the students had a fantastic opportunity to walk around and experience a structure designed by Tadao Ando.


There are uniquely shaped seats in the foreground. There is a tree and a building in the distance.

From the walkways to even the seating, the complex never ceased to show the uses of concrete throughout the facility.


A group of people cross over a small bridge and stones over water.

The students cross over a bridge into the Asian garden that was on the facility grounds.