The Urban Systems Charrette with Director Ghandour!

Director of School of Architecture Marwan Ghandour made a visit to Paris to host The Urban Systems Charrette for the students of LSU CoAD in Paris Studio. Throughout his visit, the students did different analytical technique exercises, learned very valuable advice about transect connection, and got to explore the city of Paris in a very different way. 

The Director Ghandour, Professor Holton, and Professor Greeson with all participants of LSU CoAD in Paris Program at the Robert Lynen Cinémathèque in Paris.

First of all, they are instructed to start from three to five urban spaces in Paris that they believe are meaningful, develop a scaled transverse section that represents the chosen spaces and the urban journey between them.

The students were guided to Investigate morphological ideas about edges, boundaries, connections, transitions, layers, interstitial spaces, sequencing, processions, nodes, and anchors.

The students are focused on their sites to develop a visual structure where the collage is a holistic representation that is constituted of interrelated fractured representations of the different spatial studies along the section.

For the final presentation, students were guided to use photography, cross-sections, and plans to study the chosen spaces and other significant spatial moments along the whole section to identify the opportunities.

Director Ghandour shared techniques and ideas to develop further with this analysis on the next step of upcoming projects of the studio.

We truly appreciate Director Ghandour for his time spent and advice given in his time here in Paris.