The Students’ Weekend Adventures!

A view of Paris, France from a high vantage point.

Throughout the week, students stay within the city limits to attend classes and return to their apartments at the end of the day. On the other hand, on green weekends the students can explore other countries, as well as take their time to roam around Paris. Here are some of the trips the students took this past weekend.


A view of Paris, France from a high vantage point.

One of the students went to Montparnasse Tower. They were able to go to the top of the tower and capture this breathtaking view of Paris, France. (Photograph by Willie Goliday II)


A picture of the painting, Water Lillies, by Monet.

This student was able to visit the famous Water Lillies painting by Monet at the Musée de l’Orangerie. (Photograph by Morgan Bourgeois)


People standing in a dark large space with beams of light coming from a distant source.

Over the weekend, Paris,France had an amazing event called Nuit Blanche. A few of the students were able to experience an art installation at Saint Merry Church in Paris, France called “Glory Moon”. (Photograph by Megan Lavergne)


People walking and standing in and near an outdoor fruit, vegetable, and flower market.

The students passed through a flower, fruit, and vegetable market in Wavre, Belgium. (Photograph by Naomi Mareschal)


A large grey building with gold and dark grey accents.

While in Brussels, Belgium, the students were able to pass through the Grand-Place of Brussels. (Photograph by Naomi Mareschal)


Very colorful vegetation in the foreground and buildings and a hill with trees in the background.

One of the students stopped to take a look at these beautiful flowers in the city of Interlaken in Switzerland. (Photograph by Erin Steinkamp)


Many people walking in front of giant white tent that is titled Hofbräu Festzelt.

Most of the students went to Munich, Germany this weekend and were able to see the Hofbräu Festzelt tent. (Photograph by Tuan Nguyen)