The students had their class in the world renown Pantheon in Paris, France. The students had the amazing opportunity of observing the architecture closely and seeing the details they have only heard and read about. What an extraordinary class the students had.


The top of the front of Panthéon. There are intricate designs in material it is made of.

The front facade of the Panthéon was breathtaking while being paired with the gargantuan columns.


People walking, standing, and sitting in a open central area with stairs, columns, and a statue.

The students choose their spots as they sketch various details in the interior of the Panthéon.


A picture of the oculus of the Panthéon.

The oculus of the Panthéon was magnificent with its intricate detailing.


Three students sitting down in the Panthéon. One student is looking up.

In order to obtain a detailed sketch, the students focus in on what they are sketching.


The oculus of the Panthéon with columns on either side of it.

The natural light enters the Panthéon in a very graceful way.


Two people sitting on the steps inside of the Panthéon looking into books they are holding.

The students work hard in a space that is truly amazing.

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