The Dean Visits Paris!

A group of people walking outside.

Dean Tsolakis made a visit to Paris to to host a drawing boot camp for the students. Throughout his visit, the students did different drawing technique exercises, learned very valuable advice about drawing, and got to explore the city of Paris in a very different way. We truly appreciate Dean Tsolakis for his time spent and advice given in his time here in Paris.


A group of people walking outside.

The Dean walks among the students as they travel to their site.


People are sketching and talking while sitting and laying on the ground while one person stands.

The students are focused on their drawing at their site, Jardin des Rosier-Joseph-Migneret.


A man talking to a group of people in front of a wooden door.

Dean Tsolakis explaining that this will be the other site, Notre-Dame des Blancs-Manteaux, the students will be examining and doing sketching exercises within.


A man talking to a group of people in a church.

Dean Tsolakis going over the next assignment to the students while inside Notre-Dame des Blancs-Manteaux.


A group of people sitting and laying on the floor, in a church, sketching and talking.

The students sitting together as they think through what they are seeing and what they are documenting through sketching.


A man looking through a crafted viewfinder while people watch him.

Dean Tsolakis demonstrates how to use the crafted view finder all the students have made. He then proceeds to give details on their assignment.


Three people sitting on the ground holding up a crafted viewfinder.

The students using their crafted viewfinders to focus in on the space they are sketching.


A group of people pose with Louis Benech.

After a day of sketching, Dean Tsolakis set up a visit to Landscape Architect Louis Benech ‘s studio.


A group of people standing, walking, and sitting in a cemetery.

Dean Tsolakis leads the group of student through the famous cemetery Cimetière du Père Lachaise. The students were grouped into groups of two and were assigned to examine and document space through sketching.