Program Overview


Within LSU’s College of Art and Design, the School of Architecture offers upper-level undergraduate and graduate architecture students a Study Abroad semester. For sixteen-weeks, typically in the Fall semester, a cohort of 15-25 students live in Paris and are enrolled in 12 credit-hour design curriculum at LSU. Instructed by LSU faculty, the LSU Paris Program maintains a rigorous academic environment that combines field studies, studio design work, and seminar instruction. Each semester, the curriculum exposes the students to a broader context with various “Beyond Paris” excursions to surrounding countries. These scheduled tours along with standard three-day weekends, allow the students to push the limits of their student Visas.

Students live for four months in fully-furnished apartments within the city of Paris. The apartments are located on major metro lines with typically 4-6 students per apartment. In addition to the Paris housing, the Program Fee arranges for studio workspace in the heart of Paris. Located in Le Marais, the CEA Paris Center functions as an academic home base for all coursework. As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Paris, Le Marais is home to many buildings of historical and architectural importance. The centrality of the classrooms facilitates the direct engagement of the city by the studio and upper-level architectural elective courses.