Palais D’Iena

A group of people sitting on a staircase.

During the Beton Brut course, the students to took a field trip to Palais D’Iena in Paris, France to take a closer look. The students were led through this magnificent building by a tour guide that made sure to explain the significance of the building. The students took a major leap into the past while visiting this building, and with that, their design future will be better because of it.


A group of people sitting on a staircase.

The students gathered to take a photo on  this amazingly designed staircase.


People are gathered in front of a building. There are flag poles, with flags, near the building.

The exterior of Palais D’Iena was just as diverse in its concrete selection as the interior of the building.


A glass and concrete ceiling with a big light fixture.

The ceiling was magnificent above the hemicycle in the Palais D’Iena.


A room with columns, leather on the floor, and an art installation. There are people in the space.

In the major open space in the building, There is an art installation that is apart of a great art exposition throughout Paris, France.


People sitting and standing in a space with a staircase in it.

After the tour, the students are assigned to do a detailed sketch of a detail or object in Palais D’Iena.