Last Thursday the Paris Studio spent class time sketching, observing, and documenting the site conditions of Palais de Tokyo, a contemporary art museum, which will serve as the site for their semester project. This site was selected for its unique sectional quality due to being located on a hillside, as well as its use of concrete as the major building material. This week students work towards developing a set of shared drawings to gain a wholistic understanding of the building and its site. Stay tuned for progress updates throughout the semester.


People sit and stand on the exterior of Palais de Tokyo. There is an intricate carving in the wall.Students at different locations sketching the exterior of Palais de Tokyo.


People are experiencing the interior space and suspended sculptures of the Palais de Tokyo. An interior observation of the unique sectional quality of the building.


An art installation in the Palais de Tokyo with posed clowns scattered in a space. A featured installations at Palais de Tokyo.


This picture shows the concrete structural elements of the building.The use of concrete as building medium.


A room illuminated with red light. There are people experiencing the space.An example of light quality inside the museum.

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