Last Thursday, November 7th, the students had yet another opportunity to explore a building that they read about in the history class here. They visited Musée d’Orsay, a train station turned museum. The students were assigned to write their own review of the building. They truly got to understand the building in their own way.


A big space with a glass ceiling and sculptures in the middle passageway.

The main corridor of Musée d’Orsay was astounding with its sculptures and unique spaces.


Two people are posing in front of a giant, transparent clock.

Two of the students pose in front of a large clock that doubles as a window to the city. (Photograph taken an edited by Laura Casanova)


A passageway with white structural members and windows letting light into the space.

The interiors of the museum are astounding around every corner. Even the passageways are beautiful.


A large space with a glass wall and a clock on the wall with sculptures in the foreground.

The museum offered a great experience and fantastic views, such as this one in the main corridor. (Photograph by Ferguson Cochran)

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