The very tucked away Maison Verre was the next field excursion the students undertook. The famous Glass House was amazing to see in person. Its combination of custom made glass panels and its intricate use of steel made the building unlike anything they had ever experienced.


People standing and taking pictures in front of a building with black steel and many square windows.

The students take in the moment as they visit Maison Verre. They start off by taking photographs of the building.


Square pieces of glass with a circular center in a steel frame.

The front facade of Maison Verre had amazing custom made glass panels that gives the structure its well known nickname “The Glass House”.


People walking and taking pictures of a vegetation filled area.

The students take a look around the garden behind Maison Verre.


People are walking, standing, and taking pictures in front of a building.

This adventure was a great opportunity for the students, and hopefully a memory they will have for a lifetime.

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