Les Grands Ateliers – Day 3

A picture of Les Grands Ateliers in the morning.

Today is the day the students get to start mass producing their bricks for their wall. Leading up to this day, the students worked  hard in designing their bricks, and furthermore the molds to create the bricks. They are in for a long day ahead.

A picture of Les Grands Ateliers in the morning.

It is now morning at Les Grand Ateliers. Its time to make!


Three people working on mixture by pouring water, mixing with a person's feet and a gardening hoe.

There were a few ways to make the mixture for the bricks. The students went in feet first to make huge batches.


Two people pulling up mold to reveal earth brick.

One of the LSU architecture students and another visiting student are lifting the mold to reveal their new brick.


Five people pictured. Two people are working with the brick mold.

Some of the groups were tasked with making mega bricks. The forms took teamwork to make sure they were successful.


Two people working hard packing brick mold. Two people in background.

A lot of hard work is being put into these bricks. The students are focused to finish!


People working and moving pallets of earth bricks outdoors.

After each group finished their desired amount of bricks, the bricks were transported outdoors to dry naturally.

If you think this day was interesting, you should see what the students did the following day at this link: https://designparis.lsu.edu/les-grands-ateliers-day-4/



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