Les Grands Ateliers – Day 2

Many people engaging in an activity with each other in a big space.

The students have settled in and learned abut the material they will be handling. Now it is time to design. The students were tasked with thinking in different ways to design earth bricks based off different topics that were given. This is the start to a very interesting project.

Many people engaging in an activity with each other in a big space.

The students arrived at Les Grand Ateliers the next morning and were given a series of stretching exercises and a fun activity to get ready for the day.


Many people working in groups in a big space.

More tests were done by the students to fully understand the properties of the “earth” they would be working with throughout the week.


Many people standing around earth brick tests that are organized on the floor.

After the tests were done, the students and professors gathered around to discuss their findings.


Five people on the floor doing calculations with chalk on the floor.

After the morning of tests, the students returned in the evening to start designing their uniquely designed earth bricks using different ways of thinking and communicating.


People standing in front of a large wooden board cutting machine.

After careful design, the students were tasked with creating a wooden mold to start making their bricks. In order to create the mold, select students were able to use the onsite wood shop, but only after attending a tutorial on how to properly use the machinery.

You have to see what the students did the following day at this link: https://designparis.lsu.edu/les-grands-ateliers-day-3/


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