Les Grands Ateliers – Day 1

People walking toward an open fence with luggage.

The students received an amazing opportunity to study hands on with earth brick design with Les Grands Ateliers. This workshop will grant the students a one of a kind experience pertaining to material study. The students will be working throughout the week to eventually have designed and built their own earth brick wall!

People walking toward an open fence with luggage.

The students have arrived at Les Grands Ateliers!


People sitting in a room listening to a person presenting in front of a projection screen.

The instructor gives a lecture on the materials they most commonly work with and the properties of “earth” the students should know about before designing.


Many people working in groups of two in a large space.

In order to fully understand the materials that were being used to create earth bricks, the students were tasked with creating mixtures of earth with different variables and ratios of additives.


Two people filling a brick mold with material. There are people working in the background.

Two of the LSU architecture students working hard to create a successful “earth” test.


People working with a brick mold in front of earth brick tests.

The instructors made sure to lend helping hands and advice as the students were working.

Check out what the students did the next day: https://designparis.lsu.edu/les-grands-ateliers-day-2/