The participants of the 2021 LSU College of Arts and Design are on their way to a new environment. They have seen attractive locations, begun with French words and, above all, learned the diverse culture they are every day surrounded by. We are really interested to see what these students will have in the future as the semester proceeds.

Students visited the Versailles Garden, because it is recommended to be a live art work. Photo by Lily C Guidry.

Photo by Lily C Guidry.

Photo by Lily C Guidry.

Students went to pay a visit to the historical place of “ Catacomb”,where is an empire of Death waiting for tourist beneath Paris’ City Streets. (Photo by Nusrat Sultana)

Student explored the historical architecture of the Paris after arrival. Photo by Maria Le which was taken outside of the Louvre Museum.

Students visited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris; designed by Richard Rogers & Renzo Piano, the inside-out landmark that drew global attention to the movement. Photo was taken by Nusrat Sultana.

Students enjoyed the remarkable structure Eiffel tower at night and experienced the illuminating Eiffel tower from the inside of its structure. Photo was taken by Nusrat Sultana.