Earlier this month College of Art & Design Dean Alkis Tsolakis and School of Architecture Director Marwan Ghandour visited the Paris Studio, attended reviews at the Paris Center, and accompanied students on active learning field excursions around the city. While in France Dean Tsolakis and Director Ghandour had the occasion to explore future teaching and research opportunities with the École Spéciale des Travaux Publics, a French engineering and research graduate school, in Paris and the École Nationale Supérieure d’architecture in Grenoble.  During their visit to Grenoble they had the extraordinary opportunity to ascend the Tour Perret, a structure that has been closed to the public since the 1960’s. It was a media sensation!


6 people watching the presenter show their work on a projection screen.Paris Studio Concept Progress Review at the Paris Center


Wide angle shot of the city of Grenoble from a cable car.Exploring the city of Grenoble with Professor Jennifer Buyck

4 people with white hard hats standing in front of a building in the construction stage.Professors Marie and Keith Zawistowski at their design build studio project site

Dean Tsolakis and Director Ghandour learning about a subject on the side of a structure.Visiting the Grands Atelier workshop in Villefontaine with Professor Keith Zawistowski

The two pictures show people working on a large wooden structure.An in progress full scale student build workshop at the Grands Atelier


A picture of the Tour Perret from the Paul Mistral public park. The tower is in the distance.The Tour Perret, an observation tour in the Paul Mistral public park

An interior view looking up into the Tour Perret. The interior of the Tour Perret with special access to the observation deck 95 meters up

Article by Serge Massé. Entitled " Des universitaires américains ont visité la tour Perret."Article by Serge Massé


Article by Véronique Pueyo. This is page 1 of 6.

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Article by Véronique Pueyo. This is page 3 of 6.Article by Véronique Pueyo. This is page 4 of 6.article by Véronique Pueyo


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