Grenoble Transect Workshop – Day 4 & 5

People are working at tables. People are standing and sitting.

After the long journeys of yesterday, the students gathered with their groups and compiled all of the information they obtained. With all the new and interesting information that the groups gathered, they were tasked with documenting their trek and information in a creative way. Each group was given a very large sheet of paper, and with this paper they were assigned to creatively document their findings using their “transect line” as a base.


People are working at tables. People are standing and sitting.

As the groups talk through their information they gathered, they use different forms of media to creatively document the information on their paper.


People are working at tables with big sheets of paper on the tables.

The students are very focused and are working together. The ideas and techniques that were used were amazing to see come to reality.


People standing around a table looking at a presentation on the table.

The students and the teachers are having very informative conversations to put the final details on their presentations.


People are standing around spread out tables with their presentations on the tables.

The groups move their tables and presentation into the courtyard of the institution. The time has now come for each group to present their work.


People standing around tables discussing and looking at the presentations.

As the visitors walk around to see everyone’s project, the groups are able to have two people present their work while the other group members are able to see the other groups’ presentations.


People sitting on tables and standing around tables looking at the presentations.

The day was long, but a very successful day nonetheless. Each group did a great job working together, presenting their work, and figuring out solutions to the problems the students learned about.


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