Grenoble Transect Workshop – Day 3

Four people taking a group picture. A title is front of them.

Its day three, and the students are about to embark on their journeys through Grenoble or in surrounding areas. The students will spend all day gathering information in the form of interviews, photography, videos, etc. What a day the students have ahead of them!


Four people taking a group picture. A title is front of them.

Some of the students stop to take a photograph on their journey.


Four people walking down a path that is off road.

Some of journeys went off road, and took the groups to some amazing places.


Three people are walking along the top of a short, stone and concrete wall.

The students planned ahead the previous day of the things they needed to accomplish. These students look focused and ready to take on the rest of their journey.


A picture of the mountains with houses in front of them. There are clouds in the picture.

The journeys took some students into the mountains that surrounded the city of Grenoble. The views are spectacular.


Four people taking a group picture in a grassy area with mountains and houses in the background.

While taking a break during the journey, the students decide to take a picture that they will, most likely, remember forever.

See what they students did there final days in Grenoble at this link:


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