Grenoble Transect Workshop – Day 1 & 2

A picture of a city skyline with mountains in the background.

Last week, the students were able to experience a unique view on urban planning in the city of Grenoble. The workshop was held at the Institut D’Urbanisime et de Géographie Alpine. The students were tasked on the first day with coming up with a narrative or dialouge with a group that expounded upon the issues that were prevalent in the city. The next day the students, within their group, planned their journey along a “transect line”, they were assigned, in the area or surrounding areas.


A picture of a city skyline with mountains in the background.

The city of Grenoble is surrounded by massive mountains. It was a very different view for our LSU students.


People presenting their presentation in front of a sitting crowd in a building.

After meeting with their groups, the students create a narrative, or a dialogue, to explain the problems that need to be addressed with this urban planning workshop. Some of the problems were climate change, accessibility to food, hospitality, and more.


Three people standing giving a presentation.

One of LSU students (pictured above) with her group, read their narratives aloud to the rest of the students.


People sitting at a table discussing their work.

The following day, the students gather into classrooms and plan out their trek, with their groups, for the next day. Each group was tasked with choosing a different journey that was shown on a map by a line.


People at tables planning their journey. Some are standing, others are sitting.

Planning the trek was no easy task. The students plan where to stop to ask questions, what needed to be photographed, and how they were going to get to their destinations.


Want to see what the students did the third day?

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