For one of the last excursions for the students in Paris, they visited the Foundation Cartier. This is a building the students were assigned a reading about in the History of Paris course they are attending while here. They were assigned to write a critical review about the building.


People standing together in front of a glass wall with silver mullions.

While waiting for the building to officially open to the public for the day, the students and professor congregate in front of the unique entrance of the Foundation Cartier.


People standing, walking, and talking in a dim lit space with art on the walls.

The first stop most for most of the students in the building was below the ground level. The professor gives the students some insight on the space.


A person looking at art on the wall and a person writing something while standing.

The students are engaged in the art and begin to take notes for their assignment.


Two people standing in front of artwork on the wall. There is art on the wall in the background.

The art surely caught the attention of the students as they roam through the space.

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