Études sur Paris workshop – Day 3, 4 & The Final Day !

After filming Paris city on the first and second day of the workshop, the students gathered with their groups and compiled all of the videos they obtained having the quality to share their story about Paris.

With all the new and interesting information that the groups gathered, they were tasked with creatively making a movie.

Each group discusses with professors about their works. Professors discussed and helped to develop their concept of filming the city of Paris.

The students are very focused and are working together. The ideas and techniques that were used were amazing to see come to display. The students and the teachers were having very informative conversations to put the final details on their movie.

After documenting their own film the final day was came where they presented their works at the Robert Lynen Cinémathèque. The final day was very successful and exciting nonetheless. Participants joined to screen their films at the Robert Lynen Cinémathèque.

After documenting their own film, Participants discussed their concepts. most interesting transaction they experienced throughout the city of Paris. Each group shared their experience and concept of opportunity which one they envisioned for their future Paris.

Each group did a great job working together, presenting their work, and Filming The Paris city to understand its current essence that the students learned about.

Here is the film in the eyes of our students, almost 100 years after André Sauvage’s film, if Paris will always be Paris:


Paris Redux
(Working version)
Inspired by “Études sur Paris”, André Sauvage, 1928

A project by Grenoble Alpes University, France & Louisiana State University, US

Collaborations: CNC, National Center for Cinema and Animated Image, La Cinémathèque Robert Lynen, METS, Conservatory of Cuneo, EASTN-DC project.