Last week, during the Béton Brut course,  the entire class went to Le Raincy to visit the amazing Église Notre-Dame du Raincy. The class before the excursion, the students learned about specifics of the building, and now they were able to experience what they learned firsthand.This building was a wonderful experience for the students. 


People walking and sitting in front of a big wall of colored glass windows.

The students pick their spot as they start on an observation assignment given by their professor.


People taking pictures, standing, and sitting in the church with many chairs around.

The colors of the glass windows are intense as the students focus hard on their assignment.


A girl is using a square paper frame to observe the concrete.

One of the students uses her frame to observe a specific portion of the concrete pillar.


Colored windows with cross-shaped concrete frames.

The design of the windows were absolutely breathtaking.


A group of people taking a picture in front of the building.

After a successful day of observation and drawing, the students huddled together to take a picture in front of the beautiful Église Notre-Dame du Raincy.

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