There are many people standing, walking, and sitting at the exterior of Louvre Museum.

2021 Course Offerings

The Paris Program has been designed to offer students increased flexibility in their degree programs with approved substitutions for one upper-level design studio and two seminar electives. The curriculum will be framed around three pedagogic components: traditional design studios, intensive fieldwork in the French landscape, and contextualization through on-site seminars.

D E S I G N  S T U D I O :  ARCH 5202: Vieux.. Nouveau: La Condition Urbaine & Contemporaine

Professors: Robert Holton, Kelly Greeson

[Schedule TBD] Paris presents and represents its context in the temporal assemblages of architecture and urbanism. From its oldest foundations to its newest infrastructures, the city survives as a collage of its history. Sometimes the vieux is most visible, sometimes the nouveau is. The studio will investigate this condition by designing projects that will engage adaptive reuse and new construction, interior and exterior environmental conditions, and preservation and demolition procedures.

P R O G R A M  S E M I N A R : ARCH 5004: Advanced Architectural Technology: Béton Brut

Professor Robert Holton

[Schedule TBD] This course will delve into the origins and development of the architecture/tectonic culture of France. From the 19th century to the present, French architects and engineers have been at the forefront of material innovation and application. Beton Brute will investigate the construction languages of French architecture through the specific lens of concrete and trace the influences of material innovation and application within the built environment.

P R O G R A M  S E M I N A R : ARCH 4221: Paris: A Unique Cultural, Historical, and Theoretical Analysis

Professor Kelly Greeson

[Schedule TBD] This course will follow the history of Paris through the unique lenses of Architecture and Interiors beginning in the 19th century to the present. The constructed urban patterns, buildings, and interiors set within the context of the city represent a rich cultural heritage. An analytical approach to the dense urban fabric of Paris will present systems critical to the development of contemporary urban life.