Couvent de la Tourette

The Convent de la Tourette from a lower elevation, and there is a waterway in the picture.

As part of the Bèton Brut seminar class, the Paris Studio went on an overnight Active Learning Field Excursion to Couvent de la Tourette in Eveux France. After learning about the monastery during the week students were able to tour the entire complex as well as spend time documenting and exploring on their own. Couvent de la Tourette provided for an incredible, immersive experience for the students as well as a case study for the ability to use natural light to create dramatic experiences through the manipulation of light quality and shadow.


10 students take a selfie with Professor Holton with the city in the background.The Paris Studio took a moment along their hike, from the train station to the monastery, to take in the scenic view of the surrounding area.



The Convent de la Tourette from a lower elevation, and there is a waterway in the picture. A powerful view of Convent de la Tourette from a lower vantage point on the site.



Tall concrete column sitting in the gap of two concrete buildings.A detail image of: the gap between the Church and the rest of the complex, the viewpoint blockers located at the ends of long corridors, and the Mondrian inspired window framing.



A picture of the interior of the church. Natural lighting is the only light used. An example of the use of dramatic natural lighting on the interior of the Church.



Colorful walls are cascading down terrace-like floors. People are in the space. The Paris Studio was allowed to visit the crypt in the Church where monks practice leading a service as part of their daily routine.



Exterior view of the building. People are sitting along the hillside. The view from a higher vantage point on the site showing the city located in the valley below, as well as students using their free time to sketch their experience.



Two pictures manipulated by students. They exaggerate their inspirations in each photo.Couvent de la Tourette inspired students to experiment with photo manipulation: (at left) inspired by a photo of Le Corbusier admiring his work when it was first built we get a glimpse of Le Corbusier and the monk advisories reliving the photo viewing the complex in present day. (at right) students were inspired by the bold lines found throughout the complex and defied gravity with some artificial line making of their own.



A silhouette of the exterior of the church at the vacancy of light on the site.A glimpse at just one example of the many beautiful natural light qualities members of the Paris Studio were able to take in during their visit.