Couvent de la Tourette

A group of people standing and looking at a building in the distance.

Yet another exciting trip for the students here in Paris, France involved them staying a night in Couvent de la Tourette. This was an amazing opportunity for the students to experience the building and the spaces within. Its not everyday that people get to visit a building designed by Le Corbusier, but these students surely received a great experience.


A group of people standing and looking at a building in the distance.

While waiting to get into their rooms, the professors guided the students around the site to analyze the the building and its relationship to its surroundings.


A group of people walking into a very large building.

After the guided tour, the students move into the interior of the building to take a look around.


A group of people standing and sitting in a white room that contains an altar and crucifix.

Being in a very religious building, there were places that had a very ethereal and secluded theme to them.


A hallway with a solid wall on one side, and the other side with windows with unique frames.

Before the students visited La Tourette, they read and researched these unique window frames. It was an amazing experience for the students to see.


A large space with windows with colored sills. There is a musical organ space in the distance.

The chapel was an very unique space with its abundance of concrete and the subtle inclusion of color in different parts of the space.


There are people walking and standing in a space with colored walls and colored circular skylights.

The students ventured down into the crypt, where the uses of colors, quality of light, and change of elevation were very evident throughout the space.


A view through a window of a courtyard, with sculptures and a brightened window.

As the sun set, the experience of La Tourette changed drastically. The artificial light was intense in contrast with sky outside of the building.


A group of people posing for a picture in front of a gap between two big buildings.

The students learned an abundance of information and enjoyed their unique experience at La Tourette.