Bourse du Commerce – Pinault Collection

The students’ next excursion brought them to the Bourse du Commerce – Pinault Collection. The Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection creates a unique connection between tradition and contemporary invention. It provides a point of view on contemporary art through the Pinault Collection through a program of exhibits, seminars, and activities.

The Bourse du Commerce in Paris’s first arrondissement, which has been transformed by Tadao Ando into a new modern art museum containing a portion of the industrialist François Pinault’s collection.

At the core of the redesign, a large 29-meter-wide, nine-meter-tall concrete structure was inserted within the walls of the glass-domed rotunda.

View towards the court.

The art surely caught the attention of the students as they roam through the space.

This elegant concrete ring leads to the three exhibition floors, all of which benefited from natural light and open into the center area.

This museum is also the symbol of the privatization of culture. This adventure was a great opportunity for the students, and hopefully a memory they will have for a lifetime.