Arrival and Move-In

People sitting and posing for a picture with luggage around them.

Today is the day for Arrival and Move In! As the students start entering Paris, they are eager to get accustomed to their new shared apartments, their immediate surroundings, and start gathering supplies to make their new place a home.

People sitting and posing for a picture with luggage around them.

The students wait for their flight to Paris after a quick trip to Croatia. Photo by Ferguson Cochran.


Exterior view of buildings in a neighborhood. Sunlight is on the buildings.

The view from the balcony of the boys’ apartment on move in day. Photo by Ferguson Cochran.


Exterior view looking down into a courtyard with vegetation in it.

The students, that occupy one of the girls apartments, look upon this courtyard every time they leave or enter their apartment. Photo by Naomi Mareschal.


A living room with furniture in it, a light hanging from the ceiling, and pictures on the wall.

One of the living rooms of the girls’ student apartments. Photo by Lauren Cantu.


A view of the common space in an apartment. There is furniture in the space.

The boys new apartment’s common space for their time here in Paris. Photo by Xavier Taylor-Burton.


A person looking into the window of a Boulangerie. There is a person walking out of the door.

After a full day at CEA, two students stopped by a local bakery that was just around the corner from their apartment. Photo by Megan Lavergne.


Four people posing with their food while sitting at a table.

The students have their first Taco Tuesday in their Parisian apartment. Photo by Morgan Bourgeois.