The students used the green weekend to take some amazing trips. This weekend the students traveled to Milan, Dublin, and Barcelona. The opportunity to travel and experience new cultures is an amazing privilege for the students.


Two people pose in the foreground for a picture with a church and many people in the background.

Two students visit the Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy. (Photograph by Hailey Rodrigue)


Three people are posing for a picture. There are decorative lights and people in the background.

In Dublin, Ireland, the students toured around the city, admiring all the Christmas lights! (Photograph by Naomi Mareschal)


A large space with an arched wooden ceiling with many books on shelves on either side of the space.

The students took a look inside the library at Trinity University in Dublin, Ireland. (Photograph by Naomi Mareschal)


A church in the distance with people near the entrance and a transparent barrier in the foreground.

One of the students captured this amazing photo of a beautiful church in Barcelona, Spain. (Photograph by Laura Casanova)

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