Another Round of Weekend Adventures!

Bridge over a river with two towers on it,

The students made sure to spend their green weekend wisely, and went to some interesting places this past weekend. The students ventured out to Prague and London this weekend. Also,some students decided to stay in Paris, France this weekend and explore the city.


Bridge over a river with two towers on it,

The students that visited London, stopped by to see the Tower bridge. (Photograph by Morgan Bourgeois)


People are walking and standing in a space inside a museum. There is an intricately designed roof.

While in London, the students stopped by the British Museum. The museum has a very interesting ceiling. (Photograph by Hailey Rodrigue)


Many people are walking, standing, and taking pictures in front of a palace.

The visit to Buckingham Palace in London was a very exciting stop for the students that visited London. (Photograph by Ferguson Cochran)


Uniquely shaped building with people walking in front of it.

The City Hall building located in London was very uniquely shaped. (Photograph by Xavier Taylor-Burton)


A silver colored bridge, over water, with people walking on it. There are buildings in the distance.

The Millennium Bridge was quite an amazing opportunity for the students to see in London. (Photograph by Willie Goliday II)


An intricate roof structure.

As the students pass through King’s Cross station in London, they notice the amazing roof structure. (Photograph by Peter Tinker)


A very tall building with smaller buildings in the foreground.

As the tallest building in Western Europe, The Shard in London was an incredible experience by the students. (Photograph by Tuan Nguyen)


A very intricately detailed building. There are people walking in front of it.

The students who visited Prague were able to see the magnificent architecture. (Photograph by Laura Casanova)


A uniquely shaped building. There are traffic lights, people, and cars in front of it.

The students were able to visit the famous Dancing House in Prague. (Photograph by Marianne Newall)


There are flowers in the foreground. There is a statue and building in the distance.

Some of the students stayed and adventured throughout Paris, France. One of the students visited Jardins du Luxembourg. (Photograph by Madeliene Juneau)


There is glass and structure in the foreground. You can see a building through the glass.

One of the students visited the world famous Louvre Museum this weekend. (Photograph by Megan Lavergne)