Another Great Weekend!

Another Green Weekend has passed, and the students have visited many new sites. These weekends not only provide students with the opportunity to travel, but they also provide unique cultural experiences that surround them when they arrive at their locations and spend time there. These travel possibilities allow students to see the globe.

The photo was taken while a Secret World Hidden Beneath the Vineyards of Champagne exploration by our students of LSU CoAD in Paris during their Last weekend. Photo by AliXandria Cinquigranno.

one of our students visited Berlin; Germany’s capital dates to the 13th century. Reminders of the city’s turbulent 20th-century history include its Holocaust memorial and the Berlin Wall’s graffitied remains. The Brandenburg Gate is an 18th-century neoclassical monument in Berlin which photograph was taken by Nusrat Sultana.

The Reichstag dome is a glass dome constructed on top of the rebuilt Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany. It was designed by architect Norman Foster and built by Waagner-Biro to symbolize the reunification of Germany. The distinctive appearance of the dome has made it a prominent landmark in the city and one of our students explored this amazing architecture. Photo by Nusrat Sultana.

Jewish Museum Berlin; Europe’s largest Jewish museum in the impressive building of Daniel Libeskind. Photo by Nusrat Sultana.

During the 1920s, the state of France built a pair of oval rooms at the Musée de l’Orangerie as a permanent home for eight water lily murals by Monet. The exhibit opened to the public on 16 May 1927, a few months after Monet’s death. This historical piece of attraction was ventured by one of our students during this weekend. Photo by Natalie Jenkins.

The Cliffs of Moher are sea cliffs located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region in County Clare, Ireland.  This amazing nature was explored by some of our students of the Paris program during their last green weekend. Photo by Teresa Do.

The Palace of Versailles is a former royal residence located in Versailles, about 12 miles west of Paris, France. During last green weekend, some of our students went there and explored it with its amazing and interesting history. Photo by Caroline Scheuermann.

One of our students explored the city Budapest, Hungary which is known as the “Heart of Europe,” The Hungarian Parliament Building, also known as the Parliament of Budapest after its location, is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, a notable landmark of Hungary, and a popular tourist destination in Budapest.Photo by Nusrat Sultana.

The opportunity to travel and experience new cultures is an amazing privilege for the students.