Another Green Weekend has past, and the students have traveled to many new places. Not only do these weekends give the students the chance to travel, but they offer rich cultural experiences that surrounds them as they reach their destinations, and as they spend time there. These travel opportunities open the world to the students.


Picture of a body of water at sunset with islands in the background. Colored smoke is in the sky.

One of the students relaxes at sunset at the Plage de Catalans beach in Marseille, France.


A church on top of a rock hill.

The students that visited Marseille, France this past weekend took the grand opportunity to visit Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde. (Photograph by Xavier Taylor-Burton)


A very colorful interior of a cathedral. There are boats hanging from the ceiling.

As the students continued their visit to Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, one of the students took this amazing picture of the interior of the church. (Photograph by Hailey Rodrigue)


A square shaped building with mesh-like facade surrounded by water and boats.

The students who were in Maerseille, France this past weekend stopped by the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations. There were very extraordinary walkways to this museum. (Photograph by Hailey Rodrigue)


A unique grey concrete mesh facade.

The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations was encased in this very unique concrete “skin”. (Photograph by Peter Tinker)


A very tall and ornamented church with a lot of people walking in front of it.

One of the students visited the Duomo di Milano in Milan, Italy! (Photograph by Laila Jones)


A tall brown colored building.

One of the students took this amazing picture of The Midland while visiting Manchester in the United Kingdom. (Photograph by Hanna Simpson)


A white church in the background, and many people sitting and standing in front of it.

One of the students ventured out in Paris, France to the, very crowded, Sacré-Cœur. (Photograph by Megan Lavergne)


A large room with a glass ceiling. There are pieces of art and people are in the space.

Within the Richelieu wing, one of the students got to experience the world famous Louvre Museum. (Photograph by Tuan Ngyuen)


A ceiling painting of angels in various poses.

Their eyes were set upon the angels on the ceilings as one of the students visited the Palace of Versailles. (Photograph by Madeleine Juneau)


A bright yellow, heavily structured, canopy covering a space and a stairway that goes underground.

There is nothing quite like the view underneath the canopy of Les Halles in Paris, France. This student took this great photograph while admiring the sunken stairs that lead into the the, mostly, underground shopping center. (Photograph by Naomi Mareschal)


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