Amsterdam, Barcelona, Venice

A canal in Amsterdam.

While studying abroad, the students have the unique opportunity to travel to other countries on the green weekends. The students traveled to three different countries this past weekend. The countries included the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy.


A canal in Amsterdam.

Majority of the students went to Amsterdam this past weekend. Here is a canal they visited while they were there. Photo by Ferguson Cochran.


Many people walking through, and some sitting in, an open space.

The students were able to visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Photo by Hailey Rodrigue.


Two people posing in front of a canal.

The interior design students pose for a picture in front of one of the canals in Amsterdam. Photo submitted by Marianne Newall.


People commuting down a pedestrian walkway and bike path.

The students traveled the uniquely designed pedestrian walkway and bike path in Amsterdam. It once was an old tunnel. Photo by Tuan Nguyen.


A night time view of a street with parked bikes. People are commuting in the picture.

A night time view of Amsterdam. Photo by Peter Tinker.


People walking to, and away from, a uniquely shaped building.

The students were able to see some very unique architecture while exploring Amsterdam. Photo by Xavier Taylor-Burton.


The exterior view of La Sagrada Familia with construction underway on it.

Two students visited Barcelona, Spain this past weekend. While there, they visited La Sagrada Familia. Photo by Lauren Cantu.


A colorful interior view of the La Sagrada Familia. People are in the space.

The students got to see the interior of the La Sagrada Familia. Photo by Hanna Simpson.


A pond with a columned structure in the background.

One of the students decided to explore Paris this weekend. She visited Parc Monceau. Photo by Madeleine Juneau.


Tall white sculptures of six pairs of hands touching and arms extended.

One of our students visited Venice, Italy this past weekend. He was able to visit this sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn. Photo by Willie Goliday II.


A view of a canal with boats in the water of the canal.

This is a view the student was able to capture from a bridge of one of the canals in Venice, Italy. Photo by Willie Goliday II.