Amazing Adventures Happened Over The Weekend!

View of a city from above. There is a cable car in the picture.

Yet another weekend with many amazing adventures taken by the students here in the Paris Program. This weekend the students ventured out to Barcelona, Spain and Brussels, Belgium. We are so excited that the students get to have these wonderful experiences.


View of a city from above. There is a cable car in the picture.

The students view overlooking Barcelona with the cable car which they had just ridden over the city. (Photograph by  Ferguson Cochran)


Four people standing near the water on a beach with a person and a building in the background.

Students overlooking the Balearic Sea at one of the many beautiful beaches in Barcelona. (Photograph by Ferguson Cochran)


A large arch monument made of red and tan stone. There are people standing and walking.

One of the students even got a chance to see the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, Spain this weekend. (Photograph by Willie Goliday II)


Two people posing for a picture in a marketplace with people and decorations in the background.

Two of the students visited Galerie de la Reine in Brussels, Belgium this weekend! (Photograph by Erin Steinkamp)


There are buildings with intricate detailing and people in the picture.

While in Brussels,Belgium, the students were able to visit the Grand-Place of Brussels. (Photograph by Erin Steinkamp)