Month: September 2018

Villa Savoye

People are gathering near the rear facade and venturing inside of the Villa Savoye.

Last Wednesday the Paris Studio got the opportunity to visit Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye. As part of the Béton Brut seminar class students were able to spend 3 hours on site doing sketches and material studies while taking in a structure well ahead of its time!   Rear facade of Villa Savoye   Service stairs …

Palais de Tokyo

People are experiencing the interior space and suspended sculptures of the Palais de Tokyo.

Last Thursday the Paris Studio spent class time sketching, observing, and documenting the site conditions of Palais de Tokyo, a contemporary art museum, which will serve as the site for their semester project. This site was selected for its unique sectional quality due to being located on a hillside, as well as its use of …

Paris Transect

People standing and posing together in front of a fountain.

During Orientation week students were assigned a church/cathedral in which to research and present to the studio. On Thursday each student took turns leading the group throughout the city to visit each church in chronological order, ranging from the 6th – 19th century. The Paris Studio walked 10 miles in 7 hours, with only a few …